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Free list of all Priceline pharmacy stores in Australia - CSV and JSON

Free list of all Priceline pharmacy stores in Australia - CSV and JSON

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Free version, last updated on July/2023, see also our paid updated version.


Priceline is a renowned health and beauty retailer in Australia. Founded in 1982, it's a part of the Australian Pharmaceutical Industries (API). The brand is headquartered in Melbourne, Victoria.

In the Australian market, Priceline holds a significant position, with over 470 stores nationwide. It's often the first choice for many consumers for beauty, health, and wellbeing products due to its comprehensive range, frequent sales, and the loyalty program, 'Sister Club'. Its in-store pharmacies also make it a key player in the Australian pharmacy and healthcare market. Priceline's ability to combine beauty and health retail with pharmaceutical services sets it apart from many other retailers in the country.


Last Update: July/2023 (click here for the updated version)

Record Count: 464
  • store_brand
  • store_id
  • store_name
  • street_address
  • city
  • state_code
  • state_name
  • country_code
  • country_name
  • postal_code
  • phone_number
  • fax
  • email
  • script_email
  • latitude
  • longitude
  • store_url
  • click_and_collect
  • open_hours

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