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List of all CVS pharmacy locations in the USA - CSV, Excel and JSON

List of all CVS pharmacy locations in the USA - CSV, Excel and JSON

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CVS Pharmacy, an integral part of CVS Health Corporation, stands at the forefront of the retail and healthcare industry in the United States. As the country's preeminent retail pharmacy, it has carved out a noteworthy presence, consolidating its standing as a crucial stakeholder in the US pharmaceutical and retail domain. CVS Pharmacy is praised for its unwavering dedication to enhancing health results and making healthcare more convenient for countless Americans. Its outlets provide an eclectic mix of services and products, from prescription medications and over-the-counter drugs to beauty items, photo services, and beyond. A testament to its commanding market influence, CVS Pharmacy manages in excess of 9,000 outlets across the United States, delivering healthcare solutions in both urban and rural environments.


Last Update: April/2024

Record Count: 9266
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