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List of all Harris Farm Markets supermarkets in Australia - JSON

List of all Harris Farm Markets supermarkets in Australia - JSON

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Harris Farm Markets is an Australian grocery chain specialising in fresh produce, meats, cheeses, and gourmet groceries. The company was founded by David and Cathy Harris in Sydney in 1971. 

Harris Farm Markets is well-known for its focus on high-quality fresh fruits and vegetables, often sourced directly from farmers. They also have a strong commitment to reducing food waste and promoting sustainable practices within the retail food industry.

In the local Australian market, particularly in New South Wales, Harris Farm Markets holds a significant position.It operates more than 30 stores across New South Wales and Queensland, and it has gained a reputation for the quality of its produce, the breadth of its gourmet and specialty product range, and its focus on local and sustainable sourcing. While it may not compete in terms of size with the largest supermarket chains, it has a dedicated customer base who value its specific offerings.


Last Update: 2023-05-06
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