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List of all Starbucks locations in the UK - CSV and JSON

List of all Starbucks locations in the UK - CSV and JSON

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Starbucks in the United Kingdom operates as a multinational chain of coffee shops and roastery reserves, known for its signature coffee drinks, teas, and light snacks. As a prominent player in the UK's coffee shop market, Starbucks competes with both local and international coffee houses and café chains. The brand's presence in the UK has grown significantly since its first store opened in London in 1998. As of March 2024, Starbucks had more than 1,300 locations across the UK, including company-operated stores and licensed locations. These outlets are found in a variety of settings, including city centers, shopping malls, airports, and train stations, catering to a wide demographic looking for coffee and a place to relax or work. Starbucks UK's strategy includes a focus on sustainability and community engagement, aligning with broader corporate objectives.


Last Update: December/2023

Record Count: 1323

  • store_brand
  • store_id
  • store_name
  • street_address
  • city
  • state_code
  • country_code
  • postal_code
  • phone_number
  • latitude
  • longitude

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